Server Rules

This is just a fun server for adults and people tired of BS on some servers. If you want to join just give me a yell on Discord (SpikedCoffee#3686) and we'll get ya the password.

  • Have fun!
  • Be Nice
  • If a box or door is unlocked go in.....if not leave it alone.
  • Landclaims are indestructible if offline, and 4x hard when online. Be offline for 3 days and Landclaim expires.
  • No PvP and no grifting
  • Use Discord to keep up
  • No Politics or Religion talk. It's not that either are inherently bad, they just don't always mix with fun.
  • Recording can happen anytime by anyone and is welcome, however use a recording channel to prevent any NSFW warnings.
  • We want to have a good time and welcome all